STRTFSTVL Showcase will takes place in Utrecht. We'll make it the place to be for street artists, jugglers, acrobats, and virtuoso street musicians, performing for a public consisting of agents, organisers of events and festivals, event managers and other professionals. In the course of two days, well over one hundred performances were given on various stages. With this unique combination of a wide variety of performances and a (limited) floor area where agents and artists can meet potential clients, STRTFSTVL Showcase is an absolute must-do.



DeFabrique is the ideal location in the middle of The Netherlands for your congress, fair or corporate event. With 25 areas, 200 m2 up till 10.000 m2 exhibitionfloor and various industrial party locations the old feedmill hosts events from 50 to 3.500 guests.


DeFabrique is situated on the outskirts of Utrecht and Maarssen, near the A2 highway and Railwaystation Maarssen. DeFabrique has 700 over free parkingspaces.


DeFabrique | Westkanaaldijk 7 | 3542 DA Utrecht T 030 240 40 21 | info@defabrique.nl | www.defabrique.nl